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    Corona virus helps reducing carbon emission

    Hustle and bustle around the world came into a halt after the Corona outbreak. It won’t be exaggerated to say that World has never seen such pandemic before which would put the entire world into a freeze. Lockdown has made the people stay inside their homes. Lockdown and social distancing have caused almost all economic work into a halt, whose aftermath is yet to be felt. However, during this lockdown, one good news is nature is recovering.

    This pandemic has changed our lifestyle. It has changed the way we move around the planet. As, most of the people around the world are stuck around their home and periphery, Earth has got the much-needed break from all the exploitation, pollution, and chaos. 

    Carbon emission has drop down to almost fifth compared to 2019, which is almost equal to a drop of around 18.7 million tons of carbon dioxide. According to the new study published in Nature Climate Change, the co-author Pep Canadell claimed of 17% reduction of Carbon emission on 7th April compared to the same time last year.

    It has also claimed the carbon emission could be decreased to 4% to 7.5% compared to last year if there would be some kind of restriction till the end of the year. Researchers note that these changes are temporary change which will only last till the lockdown is on effect on a global scale. Another co-author Rob Jackson says “We need systemic change through green energy and electric cars, not temporary reductions from enforced behavior.”

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