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    Hackers releases JailBreak for iOS 13.5 , just after the latest update’s release

    Jailbreaking is not a new term for iOS users. Though Apple warns its users not to have such unauthorized modifications exposing the device towards security vulnerabilities and service disruption. On the flip side, 

    Jailbreaking the iPhone allows its user to have more power with their device. Users would have various customizations also including installing third-party applications.

    Hackers have recently released a tool, through which jailbreak could be done in iOS 11 – iOS 13.5. This jailbreak tool was developed by the UncOver team. They have claimed that the jailbreak is stable, will not hamper the battery life of the iPhone. According to the lead developer of the team UncOver, he says “This jailbreak basically just adds exceptions to the existing rules”. He added, “It only enables reading g new jailbreak files and parts of the filesystem that contain no user data.” This jailbreaking also will not impact the usages of Apple services like iCloud, Apple Pay, FaceTime.

    Moreover, the team has not disclosed the vulnerability through which they have exploited the device system. The leader of the team says that it will take Apple about two or three weeks to fix that bug unless the company is already aware of it and working towards patching it.

    According to the Zerodium, it will not be accepting any iOS vulnerabilities due to a high supply rate. On the other hand, the Motherboard report has revealed that an early build of the unreleased iOS 14 has already been circulating among hackers and security researchers. 

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