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    Half of the internet shuts down due to a faulty router

    Number of websites and services went down for about half an hour due to the problem caused by DNS servers of Cloudflare. The outage was started near 2.15 PT and made a global effect as it took down popular sites and services like Politico, League of Legends, Discord, Feedly on Friday. 

    Cloudflare released a note on 2.46 stating, “the issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented. CEO of Cloudflare Matthew Prince further explain that situation arose due to a faulty router in Atlanta, which resulted in misrouted traffic to PoPs that connect to Cloudflare backbone.

    According to the report, Cloudflare’s DNS service was disruption was appeared to be concentrated in the USA  and Northern Europe. As recently, twitter security was compromised leading to the tweets from various celebrities, many had thought that this also could be the work of hackers. However, a statement from the Cloudflare has neglect that theory.

    A DNS service is a vital part of the web, which helps to match the IP address with the domain name. Though internet service provider has their own service, users tend to use alternatives like Google, Cloudflare for better performance.

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