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    Netflix surging its popularity amid this pandemic

    Though pandemic COVID-19  has been hitting hard in almost every sector, it has been boon to some. Netflix has seen a surge in the global subscriber when coronavirus is hitting the toll. Netflix has picked up more than 16 million global subscribers amid this coronavirus outbreak.

    It has become the biggest three month gain in the whole 13 years of History for Netflix. During a video call, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said: “Our small contribution to these difficult times is to make home confinement a little more bearable”.  

    During this pandemic, Investor is optimistic about Netflix’s likelihood of propelling the company’s stock to new heights. Netflix is likely to thrive even though the overall economy of the US has sunk into the first recession in more than a decade. 

    Though Netflix has been facing plenty of competition, it has managed to take advantage of hype in demand for TV shows and movies. The good news for its users is that most of the popular programs aired through Netflix have completed all the works for this year.

    Netflix has predicted that it will add 7.5 million subscribers alone from April to June which is nearly triple the number of subscribers gains of 2.7 million during the past year.

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